Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Hugs - Laa Laa Teletubbie

The Teletubbies are back in fashion after popping on our screens 10 years ago. These four unlikely looking characters captured the hearts of little ones everywhere and remain much loved to this day! My son still has the 4 Teletubbies from when he was a baby and last year he was given the Big Hugs Laa Laa to test drive for us.

Our son having problems sleeping (not wanting to sleep by himself and thinks 5 hours a night is enough sleep for everyone in the house) I thought the Big Hugs La La would be perfect to help sooth him to sleep.

Laa Laa Big Hugs is made from super soft yellow material that is patterned with stars and moons. Laa Laa has two night modes 1. Lullaby mode plays the Teletubby theme tune to comfort baby and shuts off automatically after 5 minutes and 2. In night mode the tummy glows and gently changes colour to soothe and comfort baby.

Big Hug's Laa Laa also has interactive features for daytime fun - Laa Laa gives a yawn when tummy is pressed, giggles when kissed and says 'ahh' when hugged.

Laa Laa has worked wonders for our son - he uses Laa Laa's lullaby and night light every night and you can even hear the lullaby at 2am when he wakes. Laa Laa's night light tummy is just bright enough to see around the room.

Laa Laa is now part of our family and I think will be for a long time to come.

You can purchase Laa Laa Bug Hugs from our website for $68.00.

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