Saturday, July 28, 2012

Seams Away

Do you have to suffer through the dressing dramas every morning (or night)? Your child refuses to wear a piece of clothing because it itches or it won’t sit in the right spot or because it rubs. Nothing you can do will make your child wear that item of clothing, will it? That’s fair enough. Would you wear something that felt really uncomfortable?

Seams Away is an online store specialising in clothing for children with sensory issues.

This is from their website:

“More than 1 in 150 children have sensory needs that are largely unmet by the children's apparel market today. Soft clothing changes that. Soft is the first inclusive and universally designed line of clothing geared toward children with sensory or tactile sensitivity, a common symptom of Autism, Aspergers, and Sensory Processing Disorder. Soft is designed and constructed considering the needs of all children, particularly, sensory sensitive dressers.

Soft provides comfort and style for all children. Soft clothing features:
• Flat seaming and totally seamless construction throughout (for extra comfort)
• Soft, high quality cotton (combed, bio-washed and pre-washed for extra softness and smoothness)
• Wide collars (for a roomy fit)
• Encased elastic (waistbands that don't pinch)
• Printed labels throughout - printed with water based ink (for a smooth non-plasticy feel that won't itch)
• Vegetable dyes, natural enzyme washes and water based digital prints (to protect against allergies).”

The range is really good and includes everything from socks to coats. It also has a book called "I'll Tell You Why...I Can't Wear Those Clothes!" which helps to explain the reasons behind your child’s reactions.

This is a specialist store and I’m certain the products will be in big demand.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Toys On Sale

Have you been to check out our On Sale category on the website lately? We have added a whole lot of new items and prices start from less than $2.00!

What are our favourites?

1. The Rabbit Skipping Rope: This rope is really fun, with a carrot on one handle and a cute white rabbit on the other. The handles are perfectly sized for a child’s grip. If you love this idea, you will also love the Carrot Skipping Rope which has carrots for both handles.

2. Sound Machine: Don’t tell anyone but I like this one a lot. The little box contains all sorts of sounds such as applause, shotgun, breaking glass and a drum roll. Do you remember the episode of The Big Bang Theory where Rajesh used a sound machine to punctuate his conversation? This works the same way. It’s a lot easier for your child to become used to noises when he or she can control them.

3. World Safari Game: Have an adventure in your lounge room with this clever board game. And introduce your children to continents, countries, capital cities and oceans in this uncomplicated, yet fascinating game.

4. Garden Set In A Carry Case: Just in time for spring! Let your child learn about nature by pottering in the garden with his or her very own tools.

5. Pet Fashion In The Tub: Your child will be more inclined to hop into the tub when there are friends in there waiting to play. This set contains 2 foam friends, a poodle and kitty, and 32 outfits and accessories. That’s a lot of style to fit into one bathtub!

That’s only 5 items but there are many more and the prices are excellent. Buy some to put into your secret toy trove or put them away for Christmas and birthdays. You never know when you’ll need a toy or game.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just For Today

I loved this poem when I saw it.  I love that it celebrates a child as he or she should be celebrated.  It doesn't matter what label they stick on your child.  He or she is still a child who loves the world in their own childish way.  They can still open the door to magic for you.  Always remember that.

Just For Today

Just for today, little one,
I'm going to forget that you're autistic
And remember that you're a child.
For this brief shining time,
I will only see the beauty of you and your world.

I will marvel at the spun gold of your hair in the sunlight.
How can anything be so impossibly brilliant?
I will see the blue-green of your infinite eyes
And not worry if they focus on me.
I will admire your concentration
And not mind that it isn't directed in the usual way.

Your smile and laugh will bring me joy.
It won't matter what caused them,
they are marvels unto themselves.
Through your eyes I will delve into the unseen,
Looking at the world with that perspective unique to you.

I will see your lines of leaves and stones
And share your happiness at their precision.
I will close my own eyes
And let the textures you explore overwhelm my senses.
Spinning in circles with you,
I will let go until all is lost but the dizzy.

Just for today,
I will close my books and ignore the research,
the worry, the 'shoulds' and the shadowy future.
You are my baby, my son, my love.
Today, we play.

Written by Delia Thompson

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Putting Together A Sensory Box

The next time you give a gift consider the idea of the sensory box.  This can be suitable for any child and combines a range of different toys that relate to the different senses.

Consider the Flashing Spinning Top that comes with bright coloured lights that change patterns when spinning.  Even the Flashing Squishy Pig is fun as it has interesting textures to touch and feel, it lights up when squeezed and makes a great fidget toy.

The Rainmaker makes a gentle sound as the coloured beads cascade down the different layers and also links movement with sound and allows the little ones the opportunity to explore the different rhythms.  The Musical Triangle is another great idea that allows the development of rhythms as well as coordination.  

The Zebra Teething Bling is a safe alternate comforter for teething babies or children requiring oral input.  In addition, the Fruit Bubbles are ideal for identifying smells, as they come in different scents.  The watermelon, strawberry and grape flavous can be smelt when the bubbles pop.

The Hopper Ball is perfect for developing coordinatin and balance as well as being a great exercise that can help to strengthen leg muscles.  The Scrunch Ball will also help to develop coordination as it is very squishy, and even huggable which makes it very catchable plus also light and safe for indoor play.

These are just some examples of the type of toys you can use to build a sensory box but there are so many more options.  Have a look through the Sensory Toys section to get more creative ideas for your sensory box. 
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