Thursday, July 23, 2009

Grocery Shopping with the Kids!

Do you have problems with little ones when grocery shopping? Well I have a great product to keep little ones engaged whilst doing the weekly shop.

Introducing the DooWell Shopping List Game!

Make shopping fun with this magnetic board shopping game!

A visit to the shops will become a whole new experience with this portable folding magnetic game board that challenges a child to fill their magnetic ‘basket’ before they reach the check out.

Before the shopping begins, the child and parent make a list of items they need to buy using magnetic tiles placed on the game board’s own ‘shopping list ‘ The child’s objective is to find the items on the shelves. Children have great fun spotting the items and sliding the tile down from the list into the trolley until the basket is full. The game can be made even more engaging as they can also help collect the actual items from the shelves and place them into the real trolley.

My Shopping List Game is a simple concept, but one that every child will love, as well as providing pleasant relief for their long suffering parents.

Size: 18 x 18cm

Age: 3+

You can purchase the DooWell Shopping List Game for $24.00 from The Toy Bug.

Happy Grocery Shopping!



liza said...

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