Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween for ASD Kids

Halloween is almost here, bringing with it festivities including dressing up, trick or treating and far too many lollies.

Although Halloween isn’t something we celebrate in Australia as much as they do in the USA, or on the same scale, there’s still a lot of fun that can be had with the kids. Dressing up in scary costumes is just part of it, even if we’re not into wandering around the neighbourhood knocking on our neighbours doors, demanding lollies or threatening tricks if they don’t hand them over!

For ASD kids, however, it can be a quite overwhelming.

Fancy dress costumes may be uncomfortable or restrictive, particularly those with masks, and your child might refuse to wear the costume. The child might ever overreact to the way it feels. The whole night can be full of fearful things. After all, not everyone likes to see skeletons walking their streets. Your child is even less likely to understand it.

You will need to manage the night in a way that protects your child’s sensitivities. Halloween Is a night of noise, colour, people and movement not to mention lollies.

I found a great article over at the Autism Support Network that offers some fantastic ideas about how to include your ASD child in the Halloween festivities. They are simple ideas that will help you to enjoy the day as a family without having to cope with extra stress.

Happy Halloween!

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