Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Egg Shape Sorter

Children have a natural fascination with food and toys associated with food easily become a favourite choice. Eggs are particularly interesting because of their unique shape which encourages touch and feel.

The Egg Shape Sorter combines bright colours and a variety of shapes, including circle, square, rectangle, triangle, star and diamond to make a fun and educational toy for young children.

Each egg opens to reveal a colourful shape that can’t be seen when the halves of the egg are put together again. Different shapes won’t fit together properly, and the different colours provide additional clues for matching the correct halves together. It’s a fun and easy game that teaches children about shapes and colours through play.

Neatly contained in a blue plastic carton, you can take the Egg Shape Sorter with you to engage and entertain your child while out and about, and it’s fun and easy to pack the eggs away in the carton when it’s time to come home.

Whether as an interesting addition to shopping and cooking games for all or simply for the colour and shape recognition for young toddlers, this is a toy that is a versatile and valuable addition to anyone’s toy box.

Recommended age: 18+ Months

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