Monday, December 20, 2010

Ear Muffs Protect Sensitive Ears

Children with noise sensitivity can even find regular daily situations most distressing, which in turn can make planning around their sensitivity quite difficult for parents and carers.

Obviously the easiest way to cut down their noise exposure is to be able to provide some form of noise block, but ear plugs are not safe to use, especially with babies, and until recently it could be hard to find a set of ear muffs that were really suitable for smaller children.

Now Edz Kidz have developed a wonderful range of ear muffs that have been specially designed for children and are suitable for babies from six months and can fit children up to the age of 10 years.

These ear muffs have a soft padded headband for extra comfort and come in a selection of bold colours including blue, yellow, pink and red.

They fold down to nearly half their size for easy carrying and storage and are light and durable, weighing only 190 grams.

Perfect for protecting any child’s hearing in particularly loud environments such as car racing, concerts or fireworks, these ear muffs conform to Hearing Protector Standard EN352-1 and are CE marked to comply with European Health Regulations for your peace of mind.

Edz Kidz ear muffs will help any child with noise sensitivity issues to feel more comfortable and calm in any noisy situation, allowing them to open to other positive experiences that are presented to them.

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Jennifer said...

Are you able to let us know via email when these come back into stock?

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