Thursday, February 3, 2011

Liquid Drop Timer

Sometimes when things get to be too much your child will need calming. It's very difficult to find something soothing when you are on the road or out in public. This timer could come in very handy for you.

It is a liguid drop timer and it is only 12 cms in length so you can easily tuck it into your handbag or your childs schoolbag and keep it with you.

A series of blue globules travel down a spiral path at very slow motion speed. It taks between 6 and 8 minutes to make the trip. It is a little like a lava lamp but it doesn't to be plugged in to work. You can't help but watch the drops as they move and it is incredibly soothing. You will find your own mind calming as your child's does.

This is one of our best sellers and I certainly know why. Priced at only $10.95 it is worth its weight in gold.

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