Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Waiting For An Autism Diagnosis

Suddenly you are called in for a meeting with your child’s teacher, preschool teacher or day care. Perhaps you have always had an inkling or concern about certain behaviours in your child? If the word “autism” has been mentioned or crossed your mind, you will certainly be eager to get a diagnosis. But then you find out it is weeks or months before you can get an appointment for a professional assessment and diagnosis.

So what can you do while you are waiting for a diagnosis?

At Home Play Therapy You Can Do Yourself

Early intervention is essential in any diagnosis of autism. However there are some things you can start with at home that will benefit your child, regardless of whether they get diagnosed with autism or not. Referred to as “developmental therapies” they can include floor time and play therapy. Basically they involve intensive parent-child interaction that feels a lot like playing.

Find Parent Support Groups And Information

Either in your local area or online, parent support groups can provide advice, resources, information and most importantly, a listening ear.

There are also some really great websites to have a look at:

Your Reaction

Waiting for a diagnosis can be a very difficult time. It might feel like you are in ‘limbo’ until you get the results back. You could experience a range of feelings such as sadness, grief, relief, shock, denial or anger. It is important to work through your emotions and remember, a diagnosis won’t change your child, but it will open up services and a direction so you can begin to help them.

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