Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Balancing Donkey Game

If you are looking for a balancing game with a bit of difference then have a look at our Balancing Donkey Game. This is a recent addition to our range of toys and is sure to bring a lot of fun and mayhem as it is played.

This game can be played between 1 and 4 players where each one takes a turn to load up the donkey and see who can go the highest before the load comes tumbling down. The game comes in a solid wooden presentation box that makes it easier for storing all the pieces as well as easy to take when going out and visiting friends.

This game is not only great for coordination but as the wooden balancing blocks come in different colours, a range of fun patterns can be made. It’s a fun way for children to practice their fine motor skills as they learn to manipulate the little pieces. The smoother their movements, the better the results will be. They also learn to pick up and start all over again when the pieces fall, and that’s a good lesson for life.

This game is suitable for anyone aged 5+ and with plenty in stock this is great value at $12.95.

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