Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Looking For Love

All children can feel and express emotions but children with autism spectrum disorders may have difficulty expressing emotions in a way that are understood. As a parent there is a need to understand their body language and even learning styles to make it easier for your child to express these emotions.

For example, if your child is unhappy they may stand with their arms crossed and look away from you, if in pain they may draw a picture of a sad face or if they are expressing their love for you they may try to give you something. The item in itself is not important but the act of giving is.

Once you understand how your child uses pictures, words or actions to express their emotions then you can assist and reinforce this through repetitive actions. For instance, if your child likes to draw pictures then when something happy or fun occurs you can draw a picture of a smiley face. In their younger years you may even have pictures of a happy and sad face on the fridge door that they can point out or bring to you when happy or sad.

Constant repetition and reinforcement of these steps is important, as over time and as they grow, they will be able to connect the physical act or feeling so they understand these emotions and how to express them.

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