Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Putting Together A Sensory Box

The next time you give a gift consider the idea of the sensory box.  This can be suitable for any child and combines a range of different toys that relate to the different senses.

Consider the Flashing Spinning Top that comes with bright coloured lights that change patterns when spinning.  Even the Flashing Squishy Pig is fun as it has interesting textures to touch and feel, it lights up when squeezed and makes a great fidget toy.

The Rainmaker makes a gentle sound as the coloured beads cascade down the different layers and also links movement with sound and allows the little ones the opportunity to explore the different rhythms.  The Musical Triangle is another great idea that allows the development of rhythms as well as coordination.  

The Zebra Teething Bling is a safe alternate comforter for teething babies or children requiring oral input.  In addition, the Fruit Bubbles are ideal for identifying smells, as they come in different scents.  The watermelon, strawberry and grape flavous can be smelt when the bubbles pop.

The Hopper Ball is perfect for developing coordinatin and balance as well as being a great exercise that can help to strengthen leg muscles.  The Scrunch Ball will also help to develop coordination as it is very squishy, and even huggable which makes it very catchable plus also light and safe for indoor play.

These are just some examples of the type of toys you can use to build a sensory box but there are so many more options.  Have a look through the Sensory Toys section to get more creative ideas for your sensory box. 

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