Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sensory Halloween Bags

With Halloween not too far away it is worth having a look at our Sensory Halloween Bags.  These bags have 12 sensory type toys that are great fun and are sure to provide hours of entertainment.  They come in either an orange or green bag that makes it easy to carry and are ideal when travelling or visiting family and friends.

The mix of sensory toys included in the Halloween Bags are suitable to squeeze, stretch, bend, turn, squash while also being fun to look at with all the great designs and colours.

These are a clever way to encourage your child to participate in the Halloween experience without overloading on the noise and strange costumes that might otherwise cause problems.

The set includes:
  • Orange or Green Halloween Bag (approx 36cm x 38cm - excluding handles)
  • Soft Spider Squish Ball or Puffer Spider Ball
  • Pumpkin SLIME
  • Wind Up Ghost or Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin Touch Bubbles or Test Tube Touch Bubbles
  • Wooden Spin Top
  • Bendy Skeleton Keyring (black or white)
  • Sticky Halloween Toy
  • Hand Clapper
  • Mouth Whistle
  • Spikey Ball Keyring
  • 2 "Happy Halloween" Balloons
These Sensory Halloween Bags are great value as they include $20 worth of goodies for only $14.95.  Ideal for age 3+ these are a great gift idea for Halloween and are sure to be popular.

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