Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sensory Christmas Decorations


Christmas time is perfect to get the whole family together to make decorations for the Christmas tree.  In addition to having some fun, it is also an ideal opportunity to create some great sensory experiences.  Helping to create and place the decorations can sometimes make it easier for children with sensory issues to cope with the sensory overload that Christmas can bring.
If you don’t have these items around the house visit your local arts and craft store as they will have them in stock.  Pipe cleaners, cotton wool and tinsel all have different textures when you touch them and with some imagination you can make them into some fantastic decorations.

Also a good set of bright colourful flashing lights are a must for any Christmas tree and especially when the house lights are turned off.  Watching the flashing Christmas tree can be fascinating as well as seeing how the colours can change when they reflect off the furniture and walls in the room.

Pine needles on the Christmas tree also provide another sensory experience.  Fresh pine needles have a unique scent and add to the Christmas spirit and atmosphere as the smell permeates throughout the house.    

Adding candy cane to any Christmas tree can always be a bit of challenge as they are always falling off.  Maybe the odd one that hits the floor can be eaten as they also taste good especially as you are decorating the tree.  Placing an angel at the top of tree that plays Christmas carols can also appeal to the hearing senses as often the sounds and chimes these decorations make as they play their tunes is very different from the usual day to day sounds.
These are just some simple ideas that combine decorating your Christmas tree with some great sensory experiences but I am sure with a bit of imagination and some creative spirit you can come up with your own ideas.

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