Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Non-Chocolate Easter

Not everyone can safely eat chocolate and during Easter, that can put a strain on celebrations.  The last thing you want is some sugar-driven, chocolate inspired meltdown.

Not everyone understands the impact that chocolate can have so be prepared for family and friends to arrive bearing chocolate drama in the shape of an egg or a bunny.

We like to give non-chocolate gifts at Easter and we’ve found a selection that are Easter inspired yet won’t break the bank. 

Easter Egg Putty - It looks like an Easter egg but it’s not.  It’s soft and squishy and can be formed into different shapes.  So much sensory fun in one little egg!
Jumping Egg Putty - Squishy, slimy and bouncy!  This bright yellow putty stretches and tears and moulds and shapes.
Decor Egg Lamp - I love these.  They are great decor Egg Lamps with fantastic mood lighting through 7 different colours.
Egg Chalk - This is a pack of 6 egg shaped chalks in an egg carton.  Each chalk is designed to fit snuggly inside a little hand.
Easter Carrot Containers (set of 3) - What a clever idea.  If your child MUST have chocolate, add a tiny portion inside one of these containers and he or she will get the chocolate they want and a toy to play with too.  They will hold little gifts as well.
These are all Easter inspired gifts that your child will love and which will take the emphasis away from all that chocolate.  Best of all, these gifts are all priced at less than $7 each.
Make your Easter a little happier by swapping chocolate for a long-lasting toy.

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