Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top Toys Under $10

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to put together a collection of sensory toys to keep your child interested and engaged.  We have a huge selection of toys each priced at less than $10.

LED Finger Lights - The set consists of 4 little LED laser pods (red, green, white and blue) with each giving out a different coloured LED beam of light comes with an elasticated ring to fit around finger. Play with them in a darkened room and follow the lights across the walls and ceiling as your child waves his hands around.

Connecta Puzzle – I love these and most people just can’t help but play with them.  It is a 30 piece set of wooden connectagons which is a wonderful toy to promote hand eye coordination, cognitive thinking and imagination. They are brightly coloured pieces which connect simply by slipping one piece into the slot on the next.

Pop-a-Turtle – How cute are these?  These shy turtle friends are so happy to see you they pop their smiling faces out to say hello with every squeeze of their rubber bodies!  Let go and their smiling faces pop back into their shell.  These are a great fidget toy and resource for gripping skills, motor development and cause and effect.

Woodpecker - Slide the woodpecker up to the top of the pole, and watch it peck his way back down.  This is quite an old-fashioned toy and it still fascinates today though we live in an electronic world.

There are many more toys to choose from and no matter how much fun they are, you know they will have a serious purpose behind them.  Of course, your child doesn't need to know that.  Let the child play in peace.

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