Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where To Go When You Need Help

Raising children can be difficult even in the best situation, as the regular passage of childhood often contains special stressors and other challenges. As parents who have children along the autism spectrum well know, childhood is a time of great change and development, which can be especially trying for their children and the family.

There are a number of community and government resources available throughout the country to help parents and caregivers receive the support that they need to help care for a child who has been diagnosed with a significant health issue or condition.
Whether you have a child on the autism spectrum or who has a learning disability, it is important that you know that there are several types of assistance available to you. Assistance is wide ranging and diverse and can include financial support to those with economic difficulties and social support from others who are going through a similar challenge.
The following are just a few of the many types of programs that are available.
My Time: has groups all across Australia that connect parents, grandparents and other carers so that they can support one another in their efforts to care for their children that suffer from a disease, disability or other serious health condition. Groups meet locally on a regular basis, and include a designated carer that will facilitate the children playing constructively while the parents and other primary carers have a chance to meet in person and share their stories, tips and advice for how to cope with the challenges that they face. This community resource is especially helpful to families with children along the autism spectrum.
Australian Government Support for Disability and Carers: the Australian government has several programs and resources for the parents and primary carers of children with serious diseases, disorders and disabilities. Support is wide ranging and includes anything from providing assistance with coping financially and mentally with the special challenges that carers face as they provide care and assistance to children with specific needs and challenges.
Specific Australian Government Support for Children Along the Autism Spectrum: is a great place to start your research if you are seeking help with caring for a child who is along the autism spectrum. This resource provides information and links to assistance that is available to families and other carers of children with autism spectrum disorders.
The Carer Adjustment Payment: provides information to parents and other carers that need financial assistance to care for their child who is under the age of 7 and also has a serious disease, disorder or disability.
State and Territory Carers Associations: provides information about resources available to carers throughout Australia, with links to contact information so that carers can receive local assistance and support.
If you are struggling with the care of your child, consider looking into these resources to ensure that you have all the help and assistance that you need.

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