Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Waiting In Line

I am not a fan of standing in long queues no matter where I am but usually they are fairly orderly lines, made up of bored adults.

If we are bored, you can imagine how a child would feel after a few minutes. If the child has a sensory disorder standing in line is like torture. It’s not just the time spent waiting, which drags on and on and on… It’s the noise, the closeness to the people behind or in front of you, the bumping of others into their bodies and the pressure to stand there quietly while it’s all happening.

Waiting quietly in line is part of the normal school day so it’s something your child will have to cope with often.

Over at A Sensory Life you will find a fabulous sheet to print out and hand to your child’s teacher. It explains why your child has difficulty standing in line and offers some tips on how to make it easier for him or her to cope.

It’s a very useful tool to keep on hand and I encourage you to pop over and download your copy.

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