Friday, November 29, 2013

Domino Fun

Dominoes are great fun for both kids and adults, and have been around since the 18th century where they first appeared in Italy.

Whether you prefer the more traditional game of dominoes or are more into the domino show, where you stand them up and then topple them, then make sure you browse our store.

Currently in stock is our Texture Dominoes which feature seven different tactile surfaces.  This colourful game will help to develop your child's sensory awareness, colour recognition and fine motor skills.  Similarly our Animal Dominoes allows you to match both animals and colours.

Extremely popular is our Domino Rally Game (get in quick as it is almost sold out!) which contains a massive 247 blocks.  It is a great educational toy for developing logical thought processing, concentration and patience.  And it is great fun too!  Can you really get all pieces in place without them falling over?  Go on, give it a try?

Our Penguin Dominoes are cute and funky to boot!  Knock the penguins over with a ball or a swinging beam.  Arrange them to go upstairs, downstairs or any way you want and then knock them over.  This one is great for the little ones, as is the Hammer Ball Game.  Little ones will love pounding the colourful wooden balls through the holes and watching and listening as the balls roll down the bars.

Dominoes make a great change from all the electronic toys and gadgets which are popular with the kids these days and allow the family to bond and play together.

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