Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Outdoor Fun In The Holidays

Not everyone is able to get away over the holidays but you and your children can still have fun together in the great outdoors.  Yes, even in your backyard.

If you haven’t tried out the Scooter Board, now is the time.  This is a great toy that helps children learn to balance and co-ordinate their limbs for movement.  The child sits or kneels on the board and holds onto the handles at either side.  Then using the movement of their bodies, they make the scooter move.  It’s fun and it’s safe.

Find a smooth surface and play Animal Croquet.  This is a favourite with many children.  The set contains 4 wooden animal shaped free standing hoops, a pair of wooden mallets with four wooden balls and a tree for the finishing post.  How good are you at croquet?  You might need some practice in secret, first!

Catch and Stick Monster Mitts help your child develop hand-eye coordination while they play.  The mitts are over-sized and have an adjustable strap on the back so they are easy to do up.  The mitts also have a Velcro front surface so the tennis ball sticks to them.  It’s great for building confidence and for removing the fear of the ball.

Finally, see who can throw the right bean bag and land it in the basket. The Shape Bean Bag set can be used just to practice throwing into a target but because it has different shapes and colours you can add an extra dimension to the game. 

Once the children have mastered the art of tossing the bean bag into the basket or hoop (whatever your chosen target) you can try level two and introduce colours, e.g. “throw the red bean bag.”  The third level involves shape, e.g. “throw the square bean bag.”

There are many games you can play outside with your children.  Take the time to do it because you will remember the fun you had forever.

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