Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Live Chat at Connect2Mums - Tonight 7th August 8.00pm

If your name is listed below this is your lucky number to win prizes! I will update the list as more people RSVP:

1. Jo Debnam
2. Paula
3. Jacki Falco
4. Kim Baker
5. Helen MacMillan
6. Louise - Scamps Boutique
7. Kylie - Boutique Creations
8. Nicole Grant
9. Tracey - My Baby Bump
10. Sandy - Pure Earth Noosa
11. Jodie Maher
12. Monique - YCM
13. Vicki Wallis
14. Jodie Quinlan
15. Alison Bird
16. Maree - Noteable Designs
17. Caddie Noakes
18. Nicole Leigh Bertles
19. Louise Newman
20. Kylie Handford
21. Peace
22. Claudette Betterridge
23. Catherine Oehlman
24. Susan Wallis
25. Amanda Guilfoyle
26. Jayne Day
27. Marieke Troncoso - TatYourTot
28. MJ Photography
29. Sue Healy
30. Sophie Feick
31. Rebecca
32. Andrea Melville
33. Rose-Leigh

Come and chat, win prizes and get to know me and other members.. I am also giving 20% off tonight to use in our store but you need to be at the live chat to receive the code..

See you there!!


Nicole Grant said...

Looking forward to it Jo!

Kylie B said...

Oh wow Can't wait :)

Jayne said...

I am looking forward to it too Jo. Lots of fun.

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