Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's New In Store!

I have been busy uploading many new products the past week and here is a peak of what are my favorites in our "What's New" Category:

Fido - Pyjama Bag! I love this dog - he is so cute and super soft. There are many ways he can be used - as a pyjama bag of course but my son uses him as his comforter when he goes to bed. We put a warm wheat bag inside of Fido and he is so warm and cuddly that I even would like to take him to bed (sorry hubby!). He is great just to cart around the house - my son loves sitting on the lounge just hugging Fido while watching TV. So as you can tell Fido is a big hit in household.

Little Hands Chunky Markers and Little Hands Rainbow Chalk - I love these as they are big and chunky. My son has problems with his pencil grip and these are just great because it has encouraged him to want to draw and be creative where with normal felt pens or chalk he is not interested as it is too hard for him. So these get a big Thumbs up from us!!

ABC Blocks Cart - this is an old fashioned toy that has never really gone out of fashion. My son is addicted to numbers and letters and this block cart keeps him amused for hours. It is also great for his fine motor and hand/eye coordination. We love the ABC Blocks Cart..

Who does not enjoy umbrellas - I loved them when I was a little one and I just love the new Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy umbrellas from In The Night Garden. They are easy to hold and a perfect gift for any In The Night Garden Fan.

So grab a tea or coffee and go take a look at our "What's New" section to see all the cool stuff we have in store just for you.

Happy Shopping!

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