Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gluten Free Eating

Did you know that studies of children with autism show that a gluten intolerance can lead to behaviour changes? Healing Thresholds says that children with autism are not able to properly process gluten through their digestive systems. This leads to a build up of the gluten proteins in their system which affects their behaviour in the same way that a dose of red cordial can affect others.

“Specifically, in these children, gluteomorphines could reduce their desire for social interaction, block pain messages, and increase confusion.”

A lot of studies examine the role of gluten as well as milk protein called casein in the behaviour of children with autism. By eliminating these products from their diets some parents found that their child’s behaviour improved.

When your child, is diagnosed as allergic to gluten or you are putting them on a gluten-free diet for behaviour issues like we did for our son, the first instinct is to panic. What on earth will you feed your child now?

Once the panic subsides and you start to look around there are actually lots of food choices still available to you. Many big companies are also starting to produce gluten-free products. Freedom Foods is just one company that caters for dietary intolerances. Have a look at their breakfast range and you'll see that your kids can eat their version of corn flakes and still look the same as everyone else. Online sites Taste and Cuisine have big collections of recipes that are gluten-free.

My son loves pikelets and the best recipe I have found is at Kidspot.com.au It's fast and easy, gluten and nut-free but best of all it is very appealing to kids. If you click on the Kidspot link it will take you drectly to that special recipe.

I'd love to know what gluten-free recipes you use for your child. Leave me a comment and tell me about them.

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