Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Busy Day - Magnetic Activity Chart

We know that children with autism can be very easily distracted from what they should be doing and that can be distressing for both of you. Our world relies on systems to keep it moving and one foot out of step upsets routines.

People who are organised seem to cope better with life, particularly during their school years so one of your challenges is to teach your child to become and to stay organised. A great way to begin is with a simple, visual chart.

Our fantastic Magnetic Moves "My Busy Day" activity chart is a colourful and fun chart designed to help your little one have input into their day. Little ones can work with mum and dad to select the tiles which outline the key activities in their day. This way there are no surprises, no false expectations and no disappointment. The little one feels empowered and that their opinion and input is valued.

The chart has a morning and afternoon routine section as well as a reward section. What I love most about this chart is that it is fun and easy to use and the ‘Done’ section allows little ones to keep track of their daily achievements by moving the magnets when tasks are completed. It is simple to see what happens next in the day because it is shown right there in the next image.

The chart is also very visual which is often the best way for children with autism to communicate. The tiles are images and the morning and afternoon charts have different coloured backgrounds.

What you are doing is training your child to use an organising tool to keep him or her on track. As the child grows the tool will become more complicated but the approach will remain the same. Don’t underestimate the value of this little tool.
This activity chart is suitable for any child aged 3-5 years because it requires no reading.

My Busy Day features:
* Full colour A4 magnetic chart (to put on your fridge or any metallic surface)
* 50 Magnetic tiles including fun, colourful illustrations and colour coded to keep your little one organised throughout the day as well as 2 blank tiles for you to customise to your needs.

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