Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Comics Can Be Beneficial

I used to love comics when I was little. I particularly loved the Donald Duck comics for their colourful images and their storytelling.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed them until I saw a post over at Wired Magazine that pointed out how useful they can be as a developmental tool for kids with ASD.

Interestingly, I have also received a lot of feedback from parents of children with autism sharing about just how valuable they have found comic books to be for their children. And,simultaneously Bill Zimmerman of Make Beliefs Comix (who we wrote about over a year ago) made contact to say that he too has had many parents sharing with him the value they find in his site. He was able to share some of these from parents who eloquently explain the value of comics in supporting children with autism who learn visually, to build an understanding of emotions and to develop social stories which help children learn and prepare for activities and engagement.

Have you ever bought comics for your child? They will work just like the PECS cards because children will recognise the visual expression on the faces in the pictures. Pop into makebeliefscomix.com and have a play.

You can make comics for yourself and create your own story line. And at the same time you get to relive the enjoyment you received from comics when you were a young child.

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