Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sensory Toys Under $10

Everything we do involves the use of our senses. As infants, we learn and discover the world through our senses. By allowing our children to develop their senses as early as possible, we help them increase their cognitive, physical, and emotional abilities. This results in the development of the infant's brain.

Sensory development starts as early as the gestational period and continues through childhood. This is why it is important that we provide our kids with a multitude of sensory stimulation from the time they are born. If we start early, then we have a greater chance of influencing their brain development while it is at its most malleable state - this particularly means during the first 7 years.

There are many children's toys that can help. Some are expensive, but there are also those that are affordable. Here are just a few sensory toys from The Toy Bug that are under $10.

Wooden musical instruments such as whistles and castanets are perfect. The whistle will help your child learn how to shape the mouth and blow, as well as help develop his/her listening skills. Meanwhile, the castanets are fun to click and jump around to. Both are great for practicing co-ordination skills.

The Flashing Spinning Top can help your child develop their hand-eye coordination as they try to spin the top.

The Animal Tape Measure is one of my favourites. It’s cute enough to be a toy but it teaches children about measurement and length.

Jigsaws are great for developing letter and colour recognition and fine motor skills and who doesn't love dinosaurs?

This list shows that great toys don’t have to be expensive to be valuable.


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