Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How To Use Our Packaging For Fun

Think back on past Christmases and kids' birthdays – remember when they put aside their presents in favour of the wrapping paper or the cardboard box? When we send you your next parcel, don't throw away the packaging – use it with your kids to have some fun. Simple materials like bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard shipped with our products provide great sensory input.

Lay bubble wrap on the floor like a little 'path' or road. Encourage your child to walk on their heels slowly, step by step along it (you may need to go first). They will not only feel the bubbly texture, they will feel it pop against their heels. They could also try walking on the soles of their feet to feel the slight difference.

With the corrugated cardboard, your child could firstly rub their hands or fingers along its ridge like texture, then try painting it with bright colours using a sponge or brush. Or better yet – finger paint! The paint on their fingers – and no doubt all over their hands – provides even greater tactile stimulation.

Use the bubble wrap and the corrugated cardboard together – cut them into “carpet” squares and lay a path on the floor to offer different textures for the feet.

You could also help your child make a textured collage. Cut different shapes out of the bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard and glue them to a piece of paper or cardboard.

So when you get your next Toy Bug order – save a trip to the recycling or rubbish bin by having fun with the packaging.

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