Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Toilet Chart

Toilet training children can be a challenging task for many parents and it is even more difficult for parents of children with ASD. Many of these kids are non-verbal and mostly communicate through the aid of visual cards. Without the perfect tool, toilet training these special children can lead to frustrations and a lot of mishaps.

With these important factors in mind, Magnetic Moves came up with the My Toilet Chart which has been specifically designed to aid children and their parents during the toilet training stage. It has the signature interactive and easy-to-use features of Magnetic Moves' charts, which make it a big hit among parents and children.

The chart allows the parent to use it to suit their child's needs. It has spaces for up to 5 goals and it's up to the parent to choose whether to use all 5 goals or start slowly with just one or two. Once the child achieves the goal, a star is placed under the goal in a column.

The chart is reusable as it is magnetic and with 35 colour-coded activity tiles, 20 star tiles and 5 balloon reward tiles, it's easy to adjust and personalise. There are also 50 extra stickers which can be used to encourage the child some more, as well as an easy-to-follow user guide.

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