Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Autism Buddy - An Online Resource

Autism Buddy is a website rich in resources for parents, teachers and other carers of children with special educational needs.

The resources include an incredible range of printable worksheets, flashcards, reward charts, e-books and many more. Hundreds of these are available to download for free, while others require that you purchase a premium membership. This can be paid over various periods, starting at monthly and going up to two yearly. An organisational membership is also available, which would be ideal for schools or community groups.

Included in the Premium Membership is access to Flash Card Maker, giving you free reign to design cards best suited to your children's needs, as well as their Interactive Zone, where children can access a range of activities such as colouring pages and puzzles.

The free resources are extensive and their use would not be limited to children with special needs. For example, the Chore Chart would not be out of place in any home or classroom. Similarly, Animal Bingo can be played with just about anyone.

Some of the resources would also be helpful to anyone wanting to assist children with their emotional and social development, such as this set of Emotion Flash Cards. In addition to visual learning aids, the website also hosts a forum, a blog, information resources for carers and an opportunity to "ask the experts".

Autism Buddy is very easy to navigate, with charming, simple graphics, careful use of bold colours and an intuitive set of headings and categories.

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