Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Under the Glass

Kids are, by their very nature, curious little beings. They’re also fascinated by little beings in nature.

Bugs, worms, insects and all manner of creepy crawlies grab their attention and just beg for closer inspection.

Letting your little ones loose in the garden is a start. Add an Insect Magnifying Glass and they’ll be delighted with the detail of the insect world they can now explore.

It is a natural way for your children to embark on an educational – and FUN – foray into the insect world that allows them to examine creepy crawlies in their natural habitats.

If the insects keep hiding, as they tend to do when confronted with giant sized pre-schoolers!, you might like to have your kids explore them under the glass.

This great idea from A Little Learning shows how you can create a Magnifier Discovery Board to use with your Insect Magnifying Glass to closely, and safely inspect the insect world.

You’re not limited to insects and other creepy crawlies either. You and your children can explore all kinds of natural objects from your backyard and garden, or from anywhere, really.

Remember to release the crawlies back into their natural habitat when the examination has finished, and use your display board for any number of items and objects of fascination.

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