Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Computer Applications for Special Needs

The latest tool to help people with special needs is the app. There are many apps out there with new ones seemingly entering the market each day.

Not all apps are created equal however and some are not even worth the time they take to download. However, for those who like anything hi-tech and are interested in the apps suitable for those with special needs, here are a few of our favourites.

1. Anyone who has communication problems or development delays will benefit from the First Then Visual Schedule from itunes.apple.com. At just $10.49, it prompts the child to follow their usual schedule with visual tools to help lower anxiety during transition periods. It is available for the iPad and iPhone.

2. Similarly, iPrompts also uses prompts via the use of visual images. It has a countdown facility so that the child knows how much time is left before the next task is to be done. This is a little more expensive at $49.99 so be sure to assess it before you purchase.

3. iReward at just $4.99 is a clever app which shows the child how many times they have to do something to receive a reward. This is great for reinforcing behaviour in individuals who are difficult to teach.

There are many apps on the market which help teachers, professionals and parents to track the behaviour of children with special needs. These are great for those who forget to keep journals, or for those who just don’t have the time. The general idea then is that anything that happened in between doctor’s visits or specialist’s visits will be tracked and analysed correctly.

Take advantage of these tools because for the most part they are inexpensive and children take to them naturally.

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