Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Educational Puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to educate children just with the general matching, sorting or problem solving involved to complete a puzzle. Add to the mix the variety of puzzles available on the market today and you can essentially pick a puzzle to suit your child’s learning needs.

Whether your child is at the early stages of learning or looking for more complicated challenges there seems to be something for everyone. From colour matching to number learning, alphabet pairing to opposite fun – no educational stone is left unturned.

Our favourites include the Australia puzzle, left and right puzzle, shoe lacing puzzle and the wooden fractions puzzle. Subjects like geography and math are given new life and simple obstacles for children such as tying shoes and learning the difference between left and right can be made easier to understand.

When doing puzzles with children, parents have a natural tendency to want to help their children complete the puzzle. Try and resist this temptation and let them solve it by themselves if they can. If they ask for help then by all means give them a hint. You can certainly teach them relevant puzzle skills such as grouping colours or shapes that may go together for ease.

Start with simple puzzles and graduate to more difficult ones, once you feel your child is able to progress. This will allow your child to get the most fun out of a puzzle – after all – who says education has to be boring!

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