Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mini Pop Up Pirate

Have you ever been out and about doing the shopping, maybe having a coffee with friends or been driving the car and wish you had something to entertain your child?

Consider the Mini Pop Up Pirate. This is a bright colourful toy that will easily fit in your handbag or glove box and is easy to handle. It’s one of Lachie’s favourites.

The Mini Pop Up Pirate is a little barrel with slots in the side so when you put the dagger in the right slot the pirate will pop up and the game begins again. This is ideal for two children as it teaches them to take turns to see which slot makes the pirate pop. Each time it is played a different slot triggers the pirate to pop.

For only $2.95 the Mini Pop Up Pirate is currently in stock and is an ideal way to entertain your child and keep them occupied.

If your child is a budding pirate, check out our Pirate page for other great fun toys. These include:

• Wooden Pirate and Fairy Bookmarks that will add that bit of pizzazz when reading.
• Pirate and Fairy Self Inking Stamps that can add colour to any drawing.
• Pirate and Fairy Lacing Beads that lets your child create their own pirate set of beads to wear.
• Wooden Pirate Ships that allow your child to sail the seven seas.

Every one of these toys are bright, colourful and designed to help with your child’s motor skills, develop their social and communication skills, use their imagination as well as have some good old pirate fun.

Ahoy me’ hearties.

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