Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Never Judge, Never Assume

Most people realise that people on the autism spectrum are ‘different’ but that usually brings with it a negative connotation.

When will they realise that, like everyone else, they have their own talents and way of viewing the world?

Have you heard of Kyle Coleman? This young man from Cornwall was diagnosed with autism at the age of three and has only ever been able to say a few words. Yet Kyle has an amazing musical gift. He can play his favourite songs on the keyboard despite having no training and he can sing. Yes, sing, despite being almost mute. Not only that, he sings in perfect pitch and with instinctive feeling for tempo.

Can you imagine what a release that must be for him, after 25 years of virtual silence?

Never assume that just because a child doesn’t do something, he or she can’t. You and I know that outsiders only see the surface of our children. We know they have talents that are waiting to be fine-tuned.

Go and listen to Kyle Coleman and his lovely voice. You’ll enjoy it.

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