Saturday, September 29, 2012

New - The Cuddle Loop

This is a great new product that we are pleased to have in stock.  Called the Cuddle Loop, this is a swaddle for children which will fit them up to around 8 years of age.

Designed by a therapist, Cuddle Loop provides a tight, snugly, swaddle effect for all kids, but is highly effective for kids with sensory processing challenges.

The swaddle is like wearing a hug all the time.  For children who are anxious or fidgety, the feeling of the warm arms around them can be very comforting.  The soft material gives just the right amount of touch pressure to create a feeling of security.  It is also really useful for children who need to share spaces, such as during mat time at school.  The Cuddle Loop can help protect your child’s sense of space so they don’t feel as though the other children are crowding them.
Each Cuddle Loop is made of a stretchable lycra material so it can be used in seated or lying positions.  It can be knotted and wrapped to meet a particular need or comfort just by placing a knot or fastener (not included) at any point to tighten it.
Loops fit children from 6 months to approximately 8 years of age (8.2kg-20.4kg).

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