Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Planning A Party For Children On The Autism Spectrum.

Kate E Reynolds is a nurse, counsellor and trainer of health professionals.  She is also the mother of a son who was diagnosed with severe autism disorder.

She kept a diary of his progress in which she recorded her observations.  She also recorded the things she learnt along the way.  Kate believes in making life as normal as possible for the child and the family.  That means finding ways to help the child fit into the normal social lives of his or her peers.

As you know, one of the hardest things to manage is the party.  It is full of noise, activity, unusual foods and situations that are really hard for your child to interpret.  Kate has written a book called "Party Planning for Children and Teens on the Autism Spectrum" which you might find very useful.
She has also recorded a video in which she talks about parties and how to help your child prepare for and cope with the big event.  I think it is worth watching.  She shares some great tips and she has a very practical approach to life.

If you are planning a party for your child or anticipating an invitation to an event, this video will help you prepare.

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