Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

Christmas is now only about 6 weeks away - are you prepared?  Have you done all of your shopping?

To help you stock up with some gorgeous gifts for your family and friends we are offering lay-by which will make it a bit easier to shop and pay off in time for Christmas.

Plus we have a huge range of great gift ideas in our What’s New section that are worth looking at as you are likely to find some unique ideas.  A great example of this is the Rory’s Story Cubes that will really get the imagination going.  Story Cubes are made from nine dice that have a different icon on each side.  When you roll the cubes you can use the images to make up a story.

Also worth looking at is our On Sale section as we have a wide range of products that are for sale at a reduced price.  The Sound Machine can add some fun to any conversation as it has a range of sounds such as applause, canned laughter, drum roll, whistle and many other sounds.

If you are still not too sure what gifts to buy for your family or friends then consider purchasing a Gift Voucher.  In addition, if you prefer we can email the Gift Voucher directly to the person so they can start using it the moment they receive it.

Hopefully these suggestions are helpful and make it a bit easier to get your shopping done in time.

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