Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Photos With Santa

Are you interested in your child having their photo taken with Santa?  Highpoint Shopping Centre in Melbourne as part of their Sensitive Santa initiative has implemented special arrangements for children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

You can book a time so you, your family and Santa can have a photograph taken that is in a gentle and safe environment.  There are plenty of times available as this initiative runs from 3 to 12 December so call (03) 9318 1699 to make a booking at Highpoint Shopping Centre or follow this Santa Photo link to our Facebook page for more details.

Highpoint Shopping Centre is to be congratulated for this initiative and hopefully other shopping centres around the country also implement this program.  To try and continue to raise the awareness in the community Amaze (Autism Victoria) have an information pack that they can send out to you so you can take to your local shopping centre.  Therefore, whether you are a parent, carer, friend or a supporter follow the link so you can receive the information pack.

Having the special picture taken with Santa can have lasting memories and as our kids seem to grow up so fast these days, having photos are always great to have when reminiscing about their younger years.

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