Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Panicosaurus

With the new school year about to commence, it is normal for any child to have some anxiety or uncertainty about going to school.  A book worth reading that can help with this situation is called The Panicosaurus:  Managing Anxiety in Children Including Those with Asperger Syndrome.

This book is ideal for parents, teachers or carers with children aged at least 6 years old who may be suffering from anxiety including Asperger Syndrome. 

The Panicosaurus is that feeling of anxiety or panic your child may feel when faced by certain situations they are not used to.  The book focusses on one character, Mabel, who is sometimes tricked by the Panicosaurus into panicking about certain challenges such as walking past a dog or when her favourite teacher is away.  With the help of the Smartosaurus, Mabel realises that there really is nothing to be afraid of.  Together they manage to defeat the challenges from the Panicosaurus.

The examples used are very practical and your child will have no problems reading and understanding the book as it is fully illustrated, fun to read and importantly will inspire your children to face the challenges and defeat them.

The book also has practical sections for the parents, teachers or carers as the introduction provides an explanation of the anxiety in children and the end of the book lists the techniques for lessening the anxiety.

The Panicosaurus is definitely a worthwhile book to have on your bookshelf.

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