Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Transitions – Back To School

Well summer holidays have officially ended and school has returned to its normal schedule.  For some parents it is a relief, for parents of kids with autism it can be a time for concern as their children may experience social problems and transition issues.

The daily routine which would have changed since school ended last year will need to alter once again as kids head back to the classroom.  For many kids, it will be their first time attending school which will bring about a whole new world of issues to navigate around.

Have a look at some of our back to school products which may help your child adjust to their new surroundings.

One item which may be particularly helpful is the book entitled Arnie and His School Tools:  Simple Sensory Solutions To Build Success.  This book written by Jennifer Veenendall, a school-based occupational therapist, is useful to introduce elementary students to basic sensory tools used to help kids in classroom settings such as fidgets, chewy pencil toppers and weighted vests.

Lacing shoes can be particularly problematic for little ones and this dual action board has a set of 3 different types of footwear including a hiking boot, football shoe and sneaker to help them with their shoe tying practice.  Each shoe can be taken out and used individually.
The My Busy Week Magnetic Chart is designed for school age children to give them a visual view of what is happening in their school week from day to day taking out some of the surprise element.  It is also a great way to acknowledge achievements and positive behaviour throughout the day. 

As parents, we know there are going to be issues we have to face this school year and the best thing we can do is to stay as organised and as prepared as we can to deal with each and every concern as they arise.

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