Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sensory Activities For The Holidays

Right from the beginning of life, in utero to birth and beyond, we develop and learn through sensory experiences.  Sound, touch, taste and smell are all important senses that help us evaluate the world around us, and our place within it.

Some of us struggle with this more than others, and engaging in specific sensory activities, such as music or art, can help connect us to what others perceive as normality.

Do you have a child with sensory issues, motor skills delay, or other learning differences?  Give your child the gift of connecting to others with specialised sensory activities, such as those found at The Toy Bug.

Many children are either over-stimulated or under-stimulated by one of their senses.  When these senses are not integrated properly, the world can be a scary place, especially during the holiday season such as Christmas.  With so many lights, sounds and people about, this time of year can be an anxious one for many.

Plan your holiday season early to avoid idle time with idle minds.

Have fun with a variety of sensory activities to keep the kids busy and engaged.  Great ideas can be simple ones such as these listed below.
  • Baking is great for developing taste and smell.
  • Arts and crafts are great for touch, sight and spatial development.
  • Music whether making it, listening to it or dancing to it; is perfect for sound, movement and spatial growth.
  • Head outside for active fun with balls, kites and play equipment which can help movement and balance.
"Although taking extra precautions with your 'sensational' child may lessen the number of meltdowns during the holidays, they may not be totally eliminated.  Watch for cues and remove your child from overwhelming situations whenever possible", suggests Roianne Ahn, PH.D., Psychologist in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Above all, however, the holiday season should involve fun and lots of it.

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