Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Toy Bug - What’s New!

"When looking recently for a gift to give a child with Aspergers Syndrome I came across an online toy store that specialises in a range of sensory toys and games for children,

I was impressed with the large variety of choice. There is everything from arts and crafts, musical toys, active play, games and puzzles and everything in between. And if you simply can't decide then you can always give a gift voucher.

The first place I checked out was the ‘What’s New’ section of the site to see what was up and coming in the world of sensory play for kids. What fun it was to discover some really cool stuff and it was hard to decide, I wanted to order it all!

I was especially taken with ‘The Panicosaurus’, a fun, easy-to-read storybook that inspires and gently teaches children who experience anxiety on how to deal with their insecurities in a safe and easy to understand way.

Another item I thought was a great idea is the Train Floating Ball GameBlow through the wooden pipe and see how long you can float the ball or how high you can float the ball in the air - fun for all ages! Cheap enough to get for each of the kids.

You just can’t beat a Hacky Sack! I have wonderful memories of kicking them around on warm summer days at the beach over the school holidays. Hacky sacks are both fun and versatile - all you need is a little space and some clever feet. Such a fun and simple little ball, and so cheap. Get a bunch of them for the whole family to join in.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the Rotary LED Ribbon Lamp, because my child's lava lamp night light recently gave up the ghost. This cool lamp with colourful ribbons and glitter that swirls around is the perfect replacement.

No matter what your budget or occasion you are certain to find something for everyone at The Toy Bug."

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